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Will you be next to go out of business?</p>


Text Box: Have you heard of GarWood who were leaders in the construction equipment sector? No?? Well, what about Commodore, Betamax or Kodak? Will you be next to be forgotten? </p>







When thinking for our businesses, our focus is often times on capital and demand and we think we are good to go. Most of the time we are wrong! There is a lot more that we need to give very careful thought to. One of such issues is the human resource. We have heard of many stories of business failure where the cause was related to hiring the wrong staff for the current challenges.


Text Box: If you want to know more please contact us for a non-committing meeting where we can discuss your needs. We look forward to hear from you.</p>
<p>We know the companies that have been successful over time are those that have been able to utilise resources, manage finances, develop and execute mechanisms for lifelong learning, and be ready to make difficult decisions to align the company with the market. If you can’t change to the market needs you will be out. And it’s not just private companies; these days we see NGO’s aligning to the new demands with more focus on commercial perspectives of development as well as a shift towards humanitarian aid.


Do you think you are ready and willing to change? A quick test is whether or not your job descriptions change every time you replace a person. If not, then you are not constantly aligning your staff needs to the market. This is where PPG can help.


We can help you with a recruitment strategy, we can assist in shaping your job descriptions or even do the recruitments for you. By asking you critical questions about the positions we hire for we make sure that you not only recruit the people you needed in the past but the ones that are ready for the future direction of your Organisation